One Direction VS. NSync!

In the wake of the re-emergence of boy band craze in the pop culture world, I’ve found myself comparing every single new group to the loves of my teen life, NSync. Yes, I adore One Direction, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, etc…but do any of them compare with the glory that was NSync? Dare I say it, but I’m not sure. Take a look at these photos and ask yourself – would the cuties in 1D be able to rock a luxurious velveteen top hat like JT or what about those sweet tendrily braids like Chris or gosh, have you seen the boys of the Wanted wearing matching overalls? Yes, the new wave of boy-slash-man bands have excessive charm. I actually just watched the new “Up All Night” concert movie, and I’ll admit, I definitely get it, and I also should add that 1D is literally going to be the biggest thing in the US in 2013.  I petition all of you to ask yourselves these questions and feel free to speak up about this heated debate (okay it’s not heated, I’m just highly dramatic).

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Hola Hola 😉

    Really how can we choose.. 1D are the new Hype BB and NSync are like Legend… Really hard for me to choose; Love One D song One thing so good they had this total British pop style really good. and Nsync well it’s Nsync pure BB product and legend. I’ve have a total crush on Zayn and Liam gosh they’re Hot & cute. on Nsync well of course Justin Timberlake I mean OMG… :p Lol… so It’s tied for me…
    Here you Goo
    Have great WE lady

  2. tarynl says:

    with every new wave of boy bands there comes comparisons to the crop that came before. i’m a die hard nsync fan and i love the renewal of the “rivalry” between two top bands (e.g., nsync vs. bsb….one direction vs. the wanted).

    but can we really say which one is “better”? they both have very similar qualities and any differences can be attributed to the times/era that they exist. for example, synchronized dancing and matching outfits is a very 90s/00s thing, so naturally we wouldn’t see those things today.

    and therefore, we can’t say stuff like, “1D sucks because they don’t dance while singing” or “nsync sucked because they were too matchy-matchy and clean cut” because they’re both just a product of the times and reflect what’s popular/acceptable at the moment.

  3. Joslyn says:

    True! I love all of them, matching outfits included:)

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