Packing Efficiently – Travel Tip

I always feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when I pack at top efficiency levels. It’s something that takes thoughtful consideration and time, both of which I don’t necessarily have on every trip. Regardless though, I think there are a few bits of advice, specifically when it cones to packing, that any avid traveler who also always pressed for time, will benefit from immensely.

1. Always have a packed toiletry bag ready to go. It’s an investment that pays off, both when it comes to dollar signs and time spent. Based on current travel regulations, have all liquids in 3 ounce containers, and place those in a plastic baggie. I also keep a few statement accessories in my travel bag (colorful earrings, necklace, cocktail ring), as well. Keep this in your closet so you’re ready to jet off at any whim!

2. As far as clothing is concerned, pack in “themes.” By this, I mean, choose a common color and roll with it. In winter months build your outfits around a pair of dark boots, and in summer months go with a pair of versatile sandals (not the plastic kind). If you have room bring another pair of walking shoes, flats or heels. For clothes, stick with a simple color palate, and mix in a few colorful accessories. Leggings take up little space and are great for day or night. Don’t ever plan on wearing something once (it’s all about efficiency so mixing and matching is the key), and opt out of packing anything that wrinkles or that is white.

3. Don’t forget your chargers! I keep one in my travel bag at all times.

4. Call ahead to find out if the location you’re staying at has a blow dryer. Hair styling items take up huge amounts of needed space. While you’re at it, ask about all amenities, If you don’t have to bring shampoo, why would you?

5. Be realistic. Don’t bring things you won’t use, focus on, or that aren’t completely essential. For example: are you really going to do work while you’re on vacation? Probably not, so leave your laptop and all accompanying items at home!


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