Photo Flashback – Jet-lagged in Europe

I was just uploading some new photos to iphoto and I came across some real winners…

Translation: I realized that 99-percent of the photos I have are legitimately weird. 

I was particularly blown away by the fact that nearly all of the photos I personally took during my last trip to Europe were almost blindingly ridiculous! Thank GOD I was traveling with a friend who also just so happens to be an amazing photographer, so thankfully I do posses some awesome shots.

Check out a sampling of some of the more fantastically strange photos of my sister and our friend Courtney walking around the Lourve on 2 hours of sleep and just acting generally ridiculous all over the place. A few things to look for: our love of the always-fun auto-timer setting, how gigantic some of the Lourve works are, and a certain hair piece. Enjoy!


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