Rihanna VS. JLo VS. Justin Bieber

This week three super-hot, amazing music videos came out. First it was Rihanna, who changed it from her more recent stuff. Then it was Justin Bieber, who for the record you should all know I’m obsessed with. Then it was JL0 herself, who has Benjamin Button syndrome hardcore. I mean, this lady looks better with each passing day…I need her secret.

Which of these video is your fave??? VOTE BELOW!


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One Response to “Rihanna VS. JLo VS. Justin Bieber”

  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Hola Hola,
    It’s been a while since the last time I post a comment here.
    Ok my top video is by far Rihanna’s one. Her dance moves are awesome and the Song is a pure killer. She’s a huge Hit Maker!. The rythm is awesome.

    As for Justin Bieber Boyfriend video, well in all honesty I’m truly disappointed. I was expecting so much better after all the buzz he creates around this since months! the song is not my fave from him by far and the video as well! The scenes are very “deja vu” girls & car not so original! so very very disappointed. He has talent and I think he just wasted it in this video. I prefer a lot more “Pray” for example.

    Finally Jlo video is good as usual I would say :=)

    till next next Xoxox and have a nice WE

    Chris ^^

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