Road Trip Tips

Could this car possibly have more gear attached? Hilarious!

Road trips. They either totally suck or totally rock. There’s really no in-between. I feel like I’ve been road-trippin’ for my entire life. That said, I’ve decided to share my own personal list of must-do’s when it comes to having an enjoyable ride.

Here’s the brief list (the video below is much more in-depth):

1. Tip-top shape car

2. Lots ‘o snacks

3. An awesome wing-man or woman

4. Great music playlist

5. Signature silly car game

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    I remember putting a comment on this video few days ago!!
    Life essential for a good road trip:
    1° Music
    2°A car in good conditions of course
    3° Food
    4° a Pillow… never know you may wanna have a nap ^^ :p
    5° other option: a great passenger as fun as me!!

    C 😉

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