Rome, Italy Adventure – MASSIVE Photo Gallery Winter 2012


As promised, I’ve finally put together a handful of photos from my time in Rome over the holidays. It already feels like this trip was years ago, but I have so many great memories. Spending both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Rome was a once in a lifetime experience that I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share with my family. It was also the first time (I’m all about FIRSTS in 2013 FYI) I’ve ever spent the entire season overseas, and I think it gave me ample time to really relax and disconnect from my technology/email/txt/phone filled life.

NOTE: A few of these photos are credited to my brother.

The view of the Vatican City at dusk is simply gorgeous.


Piazza Navona’s Christmas Market runs throughout the holidays, starting on December 15th and it’s local hot spot and fun place for families with small kids to enjoy the holiday spirit.

Lots of amazing restaurants in this area too!


The Pantheon’s sheer size is amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

This hole at the top of the Pantheon’s dome drains rain. There’s a drain in the floor, too.

The Trevi Fountain…probably one of my favorite places in Rome.

A little Trevi Fountain close-up action.

Throw a coin into the fountain over your LEFT SHOULDER ONLY to ensure your return to Rome. Obviously, I’m going back!

Look at the volume of people at the Trevi Fountain. I suggest going in the middle of the night!

The Spanish Steps. Another Roman mainstay.

Entering the Vatican City on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve service from the Pope at St. Paul’s in the Vatican City.

More Vatican City.

Christmas Eve 2012. Vatican City, Rome.

My family at the Vatican. The mass was live-cast on jumbo trons outside the Basilica for the massive crowds to enjoy and watch.

Mom & Bro.

Getting playful on the Dolce Vita Walk in Rome, Italy.

Amazing Roman views on the Dolce Vita walk (I highly suggest this route for a leisurely day walk).

More city views.


Roman ruins.

The Colosseum. Brother & Sister.

The Parents at the Colusseum.

Siblings in Rome!

My own private dance party while brushing my teeth.

I love that everywhere you look, you see a great combo of new and old. For example, see the structure here and food truck in front.

PS: Food trucks in Rome are awesome! Eat a pannini with a Coke light!

More Vatican City views.

Just my mom being hit on by yet another Italian man, which FYI was happening endlessly. Loved it. Documented it.

Inside St. Peter’s. Amazing.


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