Selena Gomez Dress – SEW FUN!

Last weekend I found myself sitting on my couch watching multiple episodes of Project Runway All Stars, and I thought to myself…”how sad that I never, ever sew…” Believe me, I’m not super-amazingly-knowledgeable about crafting fabulous garments or other items, but I still love to take on a project here and there. However, like my disdain of recipes when cooking, I don’t exactly love patterns. I have patience issues, but I digress.

As I sat there watching, I recalled a dress I started making about 6 months ago and never finished. Right then and I there, I decided to finish it, and I did! Sadly, it’s sort of a mess up close and then hem is horrid, but when I wore it on-air, it looked okay! I’m pretty sure that I’ll be turning this forlorn dress into a shirt though…



Doesn’t this color remind you of the dress Selena Gomez wore to the Never Say Never premiere??? Just a little bit???

If sewing sounds fun to you, don’t be intimidated! I just found this video on YouTube, demonstrating how to make a pillowcase, and I think it’s a great place to start – GO FOR IT!


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