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If you would have asked me six months ago if I wanted to go to a spinning class, I would have laughed. Because I hated spinning. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, but I really, really deeply loathed spinning. I just didn’t get it – I mean, why would I pay to sit on a really uncomfortable bike in a bright room with a bunch of sweaty people while rode to nowhere? This was until I made the decision to attend a SoulCycle class that benefited a charity (thanks to an invite from my lovely friend Milan at FullPic). For every rider in the class, Revlon donated a sum of money, so I thought, “ya know, this is a great cause, I should do it.” I’d never tried Soul Cycle, and I heard so many people rave about it,  so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Why not right? And that’s when all that deep-seated dislike for spinning immediately disappeared.

First off, the teacher was amazing. I swear she’s Madonna’s trainer or something like this (seriously). That said, she obviously knew what she was doing. Second, the music was off-the-chains ridiculous. None of that random fake ish where unknown singers are doing covers of pop songs. I could’ve ridden for another hour (okay that’s a lie, but I could’ve tried). It was legit. Third, the ambiance. I felt like I was in a zen nightclub. Yes, I realize that’s a complete oxymoron, but people who have tried SoulCycle will get me. And fourth, I had the cardio workout of my life. We are talking total sweaty mess status…and I loved it.

I had fun. The facility and teacher were phenomenal. And, the company supports charities, which I think says more than enough.

With all of this info in mind, I speak to those you who abhor spinning…just try it out. I truly think you’ll get hooked, because I sure did!


Milan & I After We Got Our A**! Kicked in the Class 

***NOTE how glowing and happy we look.


One more thing…Kelly Ripa does this class. As in uber-fit, totally-in-shape, has it all, is totally awesome Kelly Ripa does this class. Here’s the evidence. DO YOU NEED MORE REASONS TO GO???


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