Soulja Boy REWIND

Just last week, one of my pals reminded me of one of the all-time craziest interviews I’ve ever done. I would love to think that perhaps I’ve got a little bit of the “hip hop anonymous” flowing through my veins, but let’s face facts guys, when you see me, I don’t exactly scream “hip hop!” That said, it makes sense that some people find my archived interview with none other than THE Soulja Boy himself comical. It was at the peak of SB’s popularity, with his “Superman” song and dance taking over the music world. Basically, scoring this interview was amazing and but as I entered his entourage-filled music video set, I knew I was on the verge of potentially looking ridiculous for the millionth time in my very, very short career.

So here’s what went down:

Yes, I admit it, I did ask Mr. Boy to teach me his iconic dance moves. Yes, I’d always (and quite frankly still do) dreamt of being a music video vixen. Yes, I did think this was my big shot. And finally, and most notable, YES Soulja Boy did break his cool, calm demeanor ONLY to laugh at how ridiculous I was. And yes, I absolutely loved every single moment.

Here I am (VIDEO LINK HERE) in my one glorious hip hop moment. I can only pray I’ll get another try:)

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