SPA-ARTY – Reinventing a Girls Night IN!

Let’s be real, I love a good ole fashioned GNO (GIRLS NIGHT OUT, duh), but some days, I am so tired of applying 87 layers of makeup, that all I really want to do is put on a take off my make-up, put on a fleece onesie and watch Scandal.


Last night, one of my favorite people on the earth, Tatiana Carrier, merged those two ideas (a GNO and my sloth-like at-home behavior) by hosting the most lovely girls-night-IN of perhaps all time. It was…wait for it….a LEGIT AT HOME SPA! Can you tell I was really into this idea? We were agressively encouraged to wear pajamas to this shindig and, to be honest, that, coupled with the amazing company I’d be in, was really the only motivation I needed for attending.


Here’s why a GNI (Girls Night In) SPA-ARTY is the best invention ever:

1. THERE WERE MASSAGES. People, did you hear that? PJ’s and massages? Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. Sidenote: shout-out to Crystal from Soothe. If you live in LA, hire her immediately. 


2. There were gluten-free cupcakes AND pink wine AND salad. What more could a girl want?


3. There was a scrub station, where we all got to make our own body scrubs. And because I love all of you so much, I’ll fill you in on the secret ingredient….the Suave Professional line, with ingredients like authentic argan oil from Morocco and Awapuhi Ginger! Oh and not that I know from personal experience or anything, but some of the scrubs might be edible. No biggie. 


4. There were goody bags!!!!!!!! OMG – don’t act like you don’t love free stuff, especially products, because I know you do. Shout-out to Suave’s Dry Moroccan Oil spray…straight-up game-changer. Love this stuff. 






5. There were AMAZING women! It’s not often enough that we get to let lose, wear our PJ’s and just have fun. Massages are great (don’t get me wrong), and love a good body scrub, but conversations and laughing for 3 hours with incredible people are food to the soul! 

PS: the photo below makes me question how even get invited to such elegant affairs. But, yes, this is my new head shot. 


NOW, you guys should go throw your own SPA-ARTY! I promise your friends will love you even more…if that’s possible!

#SuaveSpaSecrets ROCKS!

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