Summer Style Refresh

I should probably admit I’m not a huge shopper – I’m someone who really thinks about the things I want/need before making a purchase, and I pride myself on taking care of all of the items I already have, which has come in handy since I’ve essentially been the same size since I was 13, and I swear that half of the stuff I wear is from the 90’s (it’s all about those classic pieces people). That said, I oftentimes find myself shopping in my own closet instead of heading out to stores! However, summer is my favorite time of year and being that I’m a total California girl, I usually can’t help but pick up a few new things to update my summer style and I am SO stoked about the trends for this summer, because several of them happen to be completely in line with what I love to wear anyways. These are just some easy ways to update your look for summer – and believe me, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Chances are high that either you, your mom or your grandma have some of these items already – so don’t hesitate to do some closet reconnaissance before you hit the retail circuit!

1. Jewelry: Turquoise and Coral. I have always been completely obsessed with both of these stones and am so happy to see that they are both on-trend this spring summer. I picked up the Turquoise necklace last year and Urban Outfitters and I just nabbed this cute coral necklace on Hautelook (I am so addicted to this shopping site). Throwing on either of these pieces over a maxi dress or even a tank and jean shorts will totally update your look in an instant. I also am in love with all things ‘owl’ and this necklace was actually part of a family member’s costume jewlery collection from decades gone by. Again, don’t hesitate to ask your moms and grandmas if you can peruse their collections. If that’s not an option (or even if it is), go to estate and garage sales! I know it sounds insane, but people are practically giving amazing costume jewelry away for free at some of these sales – jump on the opportunity!

2. Make-Up: Nails, Lips, Body. Again, it’s all about coral. If you want your look to scream summer, paint your nails a fun summer color like this one from Essie, which I picked up at Walgreens. I’m also trying to be more adventurous and play with lip color these days. I can say now, from experience, wearing a fun coral, like this one from Revlon, will NOT make you look like a clown…or so I hope because I wore this gloss to a wedding last night and wasn’t going to a Bozo-inspired vibe. Lastly, I highly suggest splurging a bit on this St. Stropez tanning mouse – it is hands-down the best there is. For a quick on-the-go application, I also suggest Tan Towels from Look Good Naked (both of these products are available at Sephora). I am all about self-tanners, because ladies and gents out there, sunning might be fun, but there is nothing good about skin cancer, and when it comes to vanity, wrinkles are not so fab either. Slather on the SPF and stick to fake stuff, just make sure it’s the best there is.

3. Neon Nautical: Striped Maxis. Like I mentioned before, I am not a big shopper, however when I do shop, I’m all about mixing high and low end pieces and this amazing coral and tan striped maxi dress was purchased just last week from Forever 21 for a whopping 10 dollars! It doesn’t get better than that. I paired it up with this new belt my parents got me from H&M, just to give the look a little more shape and finished it off with some metallic matching sandals and mission accomplished. Neon nautical stripes are very in and so many reasonably priced stores like Forever 21, Target, H&M are carrying tanks, t-shirts, and maxi dresses galore.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP SUMMER TREND??? Fill me in right here and maybe I can do a blog on it in the future!

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    For me quite simple, short with Nautical style t-shirt.. cool flawy skirt to hang out or baggy. as simple as that. jewelry I’m more on your 3rd style for this, Argentic neckless very simple too. Make up stay simple not too much and very light to go out ;=)
    Summer s on the way it’s be a party!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great job lady! xo

  3. Joslyn says:

    Thank you – means a lot coming from a REAL fashionista like you! oxox

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