The Other Side of the Red Carpet

The “Footloose” Crew – Chris, Jeffy, Chris, Manny, Chelsea, me, and Chuey (not pictured Lisa)

I think that if you can survive the insanity of covering red carpets, you can really do anything, and as much as I love interviewing celebs at big events, I’ve really got to say that the other side of the carpet is just as entertaining! Throughout the years, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet some of the most hilarious and talented people on the planet…on the other side of the red carpet! Reporters, hosts and crews usually show up to big premieres at least an hour before they start. That said, there is a ton of time to mix, mingle and straight-up laugh! Last night I was covering the premiere of “Footloose” and before the wildness got started on the carpet and the talent started arriving, a bunch of my favorite “regular suspects” and I took a group shot, and I thought it would be fun to introduce you guys to some of my favorites from the other side of the barricade on the red carpet. The funniest part when chatting with these awesome peeps is that we all cover similar stuff, and when comparing stories about interviews, there’s always a ton of cross-over when it comes to who really love chatting with or gosh, who’s the biggest flirt, who has the best style…stuff like that. Plus, I’m always blown away by how nice and generous most reporters are and I’ve definitely learned a ton from all the people you’ll see in this post. Long story short, they’re all pretty amaze-balls! You should follow all of these talented entertainment professionals on twitter – just click on their names for the direct links!

Girl Craziness at the VMA’s – Dana, Deidre, and ME:)

More VMA Action – Dana, Me, Deidre, Katie, and Chelsea

When I’m not interviewing, I love to stalk out my friends and paparrazi them. Here’s Deidre interviewing Flo Rida!

This isn’t a red carpet, but I had to throw a shout-out to Zach and Shelley – they are thebomb.com and we had SO much fun when they visited. Here we all are hanging with Ariana Grande and Jasmine V!

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