The Real Reason I Haven’t Posted…

Drum-roll please…..The real reason I have not posted a blog entry in a few weeks is because I contracted a serious disease…and it’s called THE BIEBER  FEVER!  Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “What a total cop out! She is so melodramatic!”  I get what you’re saying peeps, but in a way the Biebs-feves really did claim my life. Why, how and when? Well, I’ll tell ya, we were covering and continue that guy like nobody’s business. Between his music, his movie (in the third dimension I might add), and his social escapades, it’s become a full-time job just keeping up! If only my own life was half as interesting…but I digress…ha!

Many of you requested that I do a blog posting that was all about Senor Biebelicious, and when the people speak, I listen. I’m going to attach a few never-before-seen videos from Justin’s movie premiere, as well as a few silly pictures! I hope you enjoy, and in all seriousness, there’s no vaccine for the fever, so watch your back…I”m contagious! “Baby, baby, ohhhhh….thought you’d always be mine….”

CLICK HERE FOR – Behind the Scenes at Justin Bieber Movie Premiere

Click HERE to See INSANE Amount of Press & Justin on Jumbo-Tron

I must warn you though, I am contagious, and I’ve given the Bieber fever to several of my lovely co-workers…prepare yourself, you may end up looking like this:

Guys, even Taylor Momsen contracted the feves…For the record, she is one confident lady, gotta hand it to her for rocking that ensemble!

So do you have Bieber fever or what? This is an open forum, a safe place, so be honest! I don’t care who you are, what you like music-wise or even what you like people-wise for that matter, Justin’s movie is off-the-charts inspiring and appropriate for audiences of all ages. One of my friends was on the verge of a hysterical break-down during the movie because she was so moved (yes, she’s highly dramatic, but still) during our screening. Plus, he’s worked really hard and personally, I’m totally diggin’ his music and his new hair-do, too!

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Damn I think I got the fever too.. got to see the movie here in the Uk.. I was impress.. Fever got me Love the silly pic at the premiere ahah so awesome 😉
    And U know what some dudes on twitter told me I got his haircut!! the day I received this I was so crack up!!!
    Anyway ur behind the scene are gr8.. but I think the best was Debby Ryan… so AMAzing when u 2 met the Biebs ahah


  2. bianca says:

    i luv this bog.. i have BIEBER FEVER

  3. Joslyn says:

    OMG – that is hilarious!!!!! And seriously, that Debby Ryan segment still has me laughing:)

  4. Joslyn says:

    Watch out – Bieber Fever is taking over:) ox

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