TOP 3 Must-Do’s For Maximum Levels of 4th of July Celebration

I’m always down for any excuse to celebrate, and there’s nothing I love more than a good ‘themed’ celebration. While the 4th of July is much bigger and more important than simply being a themed day of celebration, I still can’t help of find myself getting sucked in by all of the many opportunities out there to, shall we say, fully express my own love of the monumental day in American history. That said, here my TOP 3 Must-Do’s for Maximum Levels of 4th of July Celebration.

1. Get a STELLAR All-American Playlist to pump up the vibe of your party. A few must listens include:

“Born in the USA” – Bruce Springsteen

“American Girl” – Tom Petty

“Firework”  – Katy Perry

“We Are the Champions” – Queen

“The Star Spangled Banner” – Jimi Hendrix

2. Watch INTENTIONAL explosions – aka Fireworks. Think about it guys…fireworks are just a fancy way to describe blowing stuff up in a very visually/aesthetically pleasing way. When else except 4th of July do we really have the opportunity to get excited about something so insane? I say: SIGN ME UP! Best ever fireworks show – over the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC (I’ve been before and it’s amazing). Close second place – The Hollywood Bowl ( I was there last night and the photos are below).

3. Dress RIDICULOUSLY. Again, I love any excuse to get thematic. On this day and this day only is it appropriate to get totally decked out in starry sunglasses, a wild American flag bikini, and gosh, if you feel so inclined, why not just paint your face!  PS: If anyone can tell me where to pick up Will Ferrell’s outfit below, I’d be greatly appreciative.

MOST IMPORANTLY: Don’t forget to take some time today to be thankful and say a prayer for all the men and women here in the US and abroad fighting for and protecting the freedom we all occasionally take for granted. God Bless the USA!!!!!

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