Valentine’s Day 2013 Gift Guide!


Let’s get one thing straight; I’m very committed to any opportunity to celebrate, gather with friends, and generally be awesome at life. So, obviously, I’m obsessed with all holidays. And yes, that includes Valentine’s Day. Oddly, I’m literally the antithesis of the whole hopeless romantic type, but still, I love V-Day. It’s a good excuse to spread love, and, for me, it’s a special holiday that my cat-loving sister and I always celebrate together. In fact, we’ve dubbed it our very own “Fat Valentine’s Day,” because it’s the one day every year we allow ourselves to eat literally EVERYTHING in sight. It’s kinda gross and completely fantastic.

I also love buying and making gifts for people. Here are just a few of my top picks for that special someone or those special someones in your life.

SIDENOTE RANT: If you don’t have a love in your life, don’t be a bore! Life is too short to wait around to have fun – enjoy every moment 🙂

PS: Click HERE to see some super-cute style ideas for what to wear on Valentine’s Day!



Easiest tops/shirts to make! Just download the stencil (below).

Option #1: Cut out the heart and use fabric paint to make your own adorable shirt!


Option #2: Make a shirt for two – how cute (and semi-barftastic) is this?


Option# 3: See below and use the stencil to do a sassy cut-out on shirt you already have – EASY and fashionable.

Hotness defined: man in weird snuggie. Need I say more? Buy this HERE.

PS: Is this man single. If so, he needs to call me.

Cutest idea EVER! Plus, you’ll be giving the PRICELESS gift of hygiene. We all thank you.







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2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day 2013 Gift Guide!”

  1. Prince Shobi says:

    the pillow looks super cute i really wish i could have it for someone i can never have.!

  2. chrisMusic88 says:

    The pillow and the toothbrush are my fave…
    For VD well I hugged everyone tbh… this is my way to spread the love Lol

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