Welcome to Make-up Monday: Mascara Mess

Welcome to Make-up Mondays! Today marks the beginning of a new posting series I will be doing dedicated to all things make-up. I’m no expert…still learning day by day, but I’m officially inviting you on my journey, as melodramatic as that sounds…

Today’s post is all about mascara. I’m very messy when applying mascara and I never fail to get it all over my face (see photo). When this happens though, I always, and I mean always, let it dry for an incredibly lengthy amount of time. Once it’s dry is just cracks right off, usually leaving zero residue. I promise — this does work, but you’ve gotta be patient.

PS: my top fave mascara has always been anything from/by Maybelline, but as you’ll see from the photo I posted of all of my eye products today, I use tons of different brands.

What’s your top pick for mascara!?!



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2 Responses to “Welcome to Make-up Monday: Mascara Mess”

  1. Katie says:

    I love every mascara by maybeline. I have the megaplush one and then colossal and one by one. loving one by one a lot.

  2. Joslyn says:

    I’m a HUGE fan – have been for my entire mascara-existence. I’ve tried others, but anything Maybelline is my pick!

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