When an Obsession Comes in Handy…

My sister has an out-of-control shopping addiction (which for the purposes of this blog I will more appropriately refer to as an obsession). However, since I am oftentimes (OK all the time) a beneficiary of said “obsession” I find it inappropriate to call her out in substantial way. This “obsession” with shopping could be specifically pin-pointed in one particular category…SHOES. Honestly, I love the girl, but it is out of control.

Here is the culprit by the by:

Just recently though, she decided to put her fashion prowess to the test by starting a blog, where she’ll wear one of her 53 pairs of shoes (she has more that this actually) daily, take photos and write about her look, etc. It’s a great idea with a more than apropo title – Fabulously Ridiculous…and yes people, it most definitely is just that.

Check it out – follow and comment!

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2 Responses to “When an Obsession Comes in Handy…”

  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Ahah i just read it and seriously some moments of the post simply cracked me up… Butwhaou 53 pairs of shoes.. Gosh she has a big obsession… ;=) kinda find it way cool !! everybody has one so.. Mine is Converse.. Got a lot of those snickers ;=) ahaha not that much
    Cheers to your sis for her Fabulously Ridiculous article


  2. Joslyn says:

    Thanks Chris. Fabulous and Ridiculous. haha

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