Where in the World is Joslyn Davis?

A few years ago when I was traveling through Europe, I did a fun “Carmen San Diego” inspired giveaway contest for my awesome blog readers. I called it “Where in The World is Joslyn Davis?” I decided it would be fun to revisit this series.

That said, the first five people to guess where I am correctly, and note any in-depth details about the location will receive a giveaway prize in the mail from me. I am specifically looking for details on the buildings surrounding me in the photo, as well. Good luck!

You MUST comment here on the blog (not twitter, Facebook, etc) to be eligible. I’ll email all winners!

HINT: I’ve been to and blogged about the city that this location is in before.


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  1. Laurie says:

    To be more exact – you are near the New York City’s Clock Tower building at 5 Madison Ave. Which Marriott just bought a little while ago. So you are somewhere in Madison Square Park.

  2. Shoaib says:

    Clock Tower and Office Buildings Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  3. Prince Shobi says:

    NY Clock Tower Building it is 🙂

  4. An'na says:

    You’re in New York City.! By the Met life Tower Across from Madison square park

  5. I think you are in New York and behind you I can see the New York City´s Clock Tower t building and is located on Madison Avenue near the intersection with East 23rd Street, across from Madison Square Park in Manhattan.

  6. pete sesko says:

    The Clock Tower in New York.

  7. pete sesko says:

    New York City’s Clock Tower building, 5 Madison Ave. Marriott, Madison Square Park.

  8. Matt Crane says:

    NYC! Eataly!

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