‘Where’s Joslyn’ Blog Contest Day 1…And GO!!!

Ok guys, so if you follow my blog you’ll already know about my fun contest…Well at least I think it’s fun! I’m currently out of the country traveling, etc and I thought it’d be an excellent idea to give Mr. Where’s Waldo a run for his money! I’ve always been a gigantic fan of good old WW’s work (haha) and now I’m venturing out to have a bit of fun on my own. So please play along! The first person to get the correct answer will get a special surprise from yours truly. So after you look at the picture, here’s the info you’ll need to put in the comments section here on blog.

HINT: I had a celebrity siting at this particular location: Tom Delonge from Blink 182 – I almost freaked out!

1. ‘Where’s Joslyn’ physically in the picture. Can you spot her in her signature headband and shades? You must leave a very detailed answer. IE: What do the people she’s standing next to look like? What are thy wearing?

2. ‘Where’s Joslyn’ at in the world. You must leave an extremely detailed answer. IE: City, location and details of the specific location itself!

Now, GO!!!! Have fun and thanks for joining me:) More to come over the next week!

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13 Responses to “‘Where’s Joslyn’ Blog Contest Day 1…And GO!!!”

  1. You’re on the left. Way infront of a girl with a yellow headband, 2 people to the left of a guy with a black backpack on – he has a white shirt; and to the right of a lady with a bobbed haircut with a cream colored striped shirt on.
    You’re in Paris at the Louvre in front of the Venus de Milo (although when I was there it looks like it was in a different spot).
    Ok that’s my guess!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kerem says:

    Joslyn is next to the person with a green hat . The person shes standing next to is wearing a striped t-shit .

  3. Nicholas says:

    Hey! You’re on the left wayyyyy to the back!
    You’ve got a shades and a sort of, i think, a pinkish looking piece of head wear! AND you’re looking at the camera in this direction omg lol 🙂
    Hope you’re having fun! 🙂 XOXOXOXO

  4. Abhishek Duggal says:

    1. Yes, she is the only one looking directly at the photographer. To her left is the girl with the striped top who doesn’t seem like she is paying attention to the sculpure and to her right is a guy in a white t-shirt who seems like he is talking to another guy with a white t-shirt and a black bagpack on.

    2. She’s at the Venus de Milo (sculpture), ancient statue of Aphrodite, now in Paris at the Louvre.

  5. Dana Ward says:

    I seeeeeee you, Joslyn… You look awesome and ready to Sweat to the Oldies! 😀 Hope you are having a blast. xo

  6. amy says:

    first can i say that i love you joslyn(: i love your namee((: okay well anyways…

    1. if you look at the statue on the left that has no head.. and you look 3 people over IN THE FRONT and theres joslyn.! beside her is 2men, one with a hat on(i think) with a white shirt that has dark color (maybe dark green) strips on it. the other man beside her has a white shirt on fully that youcan see. 2 people to the left of her have a YELLOW hairban in her hair.

    2. youre at the Venus de Milo sculpture.. ancient statue of Aphrodite which is in Paris at the Louvre.

  7. kelly says:

    I commented with my guess on ur facebook page a really long time ago, i hope u accept it! this competition is suuuper fun and exciting! I looove u joslyn <3

  8. Kelly says:

    i commented with my guess on ur official facebook. i hope its accepted <3 ur competition is suuuuper fun and exciting! ur so creative joslyn! looove u tons

  9. Alien Glen says:


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  11. Rasa says:

    1. You are next to boy in a green hat, and next to window!

    2.I think it’s eather Paris or Geece!

  12. Joslyn says:

    Wow! Great responses guys – AND THE FIRST WINNER IS….Abhishek Duggal!

    Because your answer was the most detailed of all! I will be emailing you shortly – but guys – more contest fun is on the way:)

  13. kelly says:

    I love u Joslyn! im really sad I didnt win but its alright… theres still more, and can u tell me how exact u have to be? like do u have to say the adress of the place and stuff?

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