‘Where’s Joslyn’ Blog Contest Day 3 – Tough One!

Gotta say, either I’ve got some really geographically adept pals out there or you guys are just incredibly lucky with your guesses. Since I like to think y’all are smart, I’m going with the first option. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I was completely blown away with some of the details you all left when guessing the location of Day 2…in fact, I think I may’ve learned a thing or two myself.  Seeing as how Day 2’s Eiffel Tower was so easy for everyone, I’m upping the anty for Day 3. I’ll go out on a limb and say that if I’d not been to this location,  there would be absolutely NO WAY POSSIBLE that I’d ever be able to guess where the photograph was taken. The training wheels are coming off people.

But here is the picture anyways – and in honor of Waldo-rama himself I donned the signature stripes and all.

HINT: ________ Anton Ono was on Dancing with the Stars. If you can figure out his first name, you’ll be able to figure out the who served as the inspiration for the construction of this location. Tough, huh?


1. ‘Where’s Joslyn’ physically in the picture. Can you spot her in her signature headband and shades? You must leave a very detailed answer. IE: What do the people she’s standing next to look like? What are thy wearing?

2. ‘Where’s Joslyn’ at in the world. You must leave an extremely detailed answer. IE: City, location and details of the specific location itself! DETAILS ARE THE KEY TO WINNING!

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  2. vcraze says:

    Okay you are in between the to trees on the right side of the picture its like the first and second tree on the right side of the picture. The place you are at has something to do with Anton Ono since I love sports the hint answer has to be Apollo. The most famous Apollo is the sun god and is sculptures where you are at hopefully it has to do something with the god. So my guess is that you are in Versailles , France at the Palace of Versailles in the garden near the Bassin d’Apollon or on Allee d’Apollon. That was hard and I probably got it wrong, it was worth a shot!

  3. Eric says:

    I think I see you on the right, between the two cone-shaped trees, wearing a red headband and orange gloves.
    As for location, I’m guessing the Gardens of Versailles, at the Palace of Versailles in France. But that’s tough.

  4. Alien Glen says:

    you are in between the 2 bushes! 😀 and i bet you’re in germany. lol

  5. Abhishek Duggal says:

    1. Yes, she is standing behind ( and in between) the second and the third trees that appear in the picture towards the front of the picture and she is facing the photographer. I don’t see any other people standing next to her. Just pretty trees and grass.

    2. She is at the Gardens of Versailles at Ile-de France, Versailles, France which were created by Andre Le Notre between 1662 and 1700, and were the greatest achievement of the Garden à la francaise. They were the largest gardens in Europe – with an area of 15000 hectares, and were laid out on an east-west axis followed the course of the sun: the sun rose over the Court of Honor, lit the Marble Court, crossed the Chateau and lit the bedroom of the King, and set at the end of the Grand Canal, reflected in the mirrors of the Hall of Mirrors. In contrast with the grand perspectives, reaching to the horizon, the garden was full of surprises – fountains, small gardens fill with statuary, which provided a more human scale and intimate spaces.

    Here is the Fountain de Latone, Versailles (1678) – The central symbol of the Garden was the sun; the emblem of Louis XIV, illustrated by the statue of Apollo in the central fountain of the garden. “The views and perspectives, to and from the palace, continued to inifinity. The king ruled over nature, recreating in the garden not only his domination of his territories, but over the court and his subjects.”

  6. BC says:

    Everytime I read these posts I get the “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” theme song stuck in my head.

  7. chrisMusic88 says:

    Ahah You’re between the 2 trees on the right hand of the pic! wearing your Pink bandana.
    Location so obvious! Versaille Garden in “Ile de France” near Paris… The most amazing gardens of the world. dedicated and created for the most known king in France ever “Louis XIV”.

    Hope you have a lot of fun outthere

  8. kelly says:

    I was so confident about getting this right, but after hearing all the other comments im sure ive gotten it wrong 🙁

  9. amy mitchell says:

    1,. joslyn is on the far right, of the picture. If you look at the 3 trees that is CLOSEST to the camera, she is between the last 2 trees which are upsidedown cones. she is some what posing, and looking at the cameraa. ((: she has a yellow glove on i believe.

    2. Joslyn is at the Palace of Versailles in francee. The frence tend to call it the Château de Versailles. This palace is about twenty kilometres southwest of the french captial. In 1681 i believe, Louis XIV moved to here, until the his family was forced to go back to the capital after French Revolution. since then this building became famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of absolute monarchy.((:

    also its Apolo Anton Ono from dancing with the stars(:

  10. Brian D. says:

    U are standing to the right in the photo between to trees, and you are in the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles. I think you have a lot of friends who have been to France, I on the other hand have not been to France so I must be one of your really smart friends. 🙂

  11. Joslyn says:

    WOW! Awesome guys – I would say that Abishek is the winner, but since he already won, I’m gonna have to say that BASED ON DETAILS…Amy is the big winner! Awesome job lady:)

  12. jessica says:

    oh wow…when i saw the pic yesterday i did a since i haven’t even been anywhere near where u r now…and i would have totally got it right if i played the game…love you cuz and totally look forward to these pics everyday…xoxoxoxo

  13. amy mitchell says:

    yay! omg thank you so much<3

    oh and also, i changed my email ..(:

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