WHY Tucson, Arizona the Hidden Gem You NEED to Visit!

I recently road-tripped to Tucson, Arizona with my ridiculously talented friend Courtney Dellafiora AKA Whisper Riot (you know you’re cool when you have a name like Whisper Riot amiright or amiright).Courtney and I are both super passionate about traveling – we actually met on a shoot in Paris almost 10 years ago. Since then we’ve been on a ton of wild adventures where we’ve collab’d on some amazing photoshoots, and the best part is just the fact that the shoots always feel like hang-out seshes full of laughter…because, oh wait, that’s what they are. She also just so happens to create some of the most epic, artisitc, glorious shots of all time, too. She’s also SO into #fashun. So, like goals.

Also, TUCSON. Let’s talk about Tuscon for a minute. Who knew there was more to see than University of Arizona and a ton of Mexican food? Honestly, I’ve only been to Tucson once and it was for a frat party…it was a pretty rad frat party to be honest. But there’s so much more in Tucson.You need to get to Tucson stat and visit the Mission San Javier del Bac. The photos truly speak for themselves. The mission is nestled out in the middle of the desert. There’s something wildly, recklessly beautiful about a desert sunset and when it’s coupled with a place like this Mission…you just get straight-up magic.

Enjoy the video and the pics and be sure to follow my girl Courtney because, spoiler-alert, all her work is this kick-a$$.

A few of the hundreds/thousands of pics we took are below!

Displaying 142.jpg

Dress: Elliatt

Necklace: Mr Kate 

Displaying 178.jpg

Dress: ASOS

Jacket: ZARA

Displaying 097.jpg

Displaying 051.jpg

Displaying 046.jpg

Displaying 028.jpg

Dress: Gypsy05

Boots: Shoedazzle

Displaying 060.jpg

HERE’S THE VIDEO COURTNEY MADE…how freaking talented is she??!!! Ermergerd!


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