Yoga With My Parents (True Story)



After YEARS and YEARS and YEARS of trying to talk my parents into going to yoga, pilates, or anything of the like with me, I somehow miraculously wore them down, because over the weekend they finally consented to coming to a class with me! First off, they both killed it and I’m pretty sure that they surprised themselves with their abilities during the class. And moreover, call me crazy, dare I say that I think they enjoyed the whole experience. I think a lot of that had to do with how great Purple Yoga is as a studio, especially in regards to it’s devotion to making sure all students really go at their own pace, and that they don’t hurt themselves.

Guys, you should’ve seen my dad. He’s basically a human pretzel. And the woman next to him in the class DEFINITELY was hitting on him hard-core after we wrapped up. FYI: My mom and I were lol-ing out of control as he explained he was with his wife and daughter. LOL. My mom did a great job and modified all of the moves to her level with total expertise.

Long story short here; it’s never too late to try something new, and it’s never too late to invite people to experience something fun and adventurous. Remember, something you think of as mundane might be completely fresh for someone else. And who knows, maybe you’ll get the joy and entertainment of seeing your dad being picked-up on, too (bonus points).

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