1 Year No Shopping – Polka Dotted Shorts in Summer & Winter

The saga continues. On the real, wearing shorts during the winter (even our fake California winters) isn’t the easiest and also isn’t my fave. But I’m always game for a challenge and this turned out pretty cute!

I bought these polka-dotted shorts at good old Forever21 before my trip to GREECE a few summers ago, and ever time I wear them, I think of the day I rode up the side of a cliff on a donkey while uncontrollably laughing (partly because it was funny and partly because I thought I might fall off said cliff). 

I think this is a great example of how to wear shorts in different seasons. Obviously, for summer, it’s pretty simple, but in the winter, it’s a bit more challenging. This week I wore my shorts with some fun plum maroon tights, a graphic T, my fave pleather jacket, a black studded beanie and my old trusty CK rain boots.

TBH, my primary take-away here was that wearing these shorts just made me wish I was in Greece. If you want to see pics from my ridiculous trip, click HERE.




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