3 Things You Definitively HAVE TO DO in Oia, Santorini, Greece!

Okay, so aside from the obvious things you absolutely should be doing in the paradise on earth that is the island of Santorini, Greece, and heavenly town of Oia, like swim, lay-out, relax, be served platters of fruit and Coke Lights and champagne on platters by the cutest Greek boys ever…here are the 3 things you MUST, no-questions-asked, definitively do whilst in Oia.

NUMBER ONE: The Sunset










Yes, this is beyond cheesy, and I am truly not a cheesy person. But guys/gals, this sunset is the thing dreams are made of, like, legitimately. Hundreds of people from around the world gather together each night to watch this magical sunset, and as the sun’s final rays are put out into the sky and it dips below the ocean, the whole crowd roars in cheers and clapping, because legend has it, this reaction will elicit an encore. How cool is that??? It was so fun to take this in. If you go, get there early because space fills up quickly. It’s really an awesome, bucket-listy experience. Seriously.  Oh, and feel free to take wine; it’s totes acceptable.





NUMBER TWO: Caldera Sailing Cruise

I love the water, as you can tell by the pics below. That said, I jumped at the idea of taking a day-long sail around the island. We opted for a smaller boat, because that meant as smaller group on the boat. It was incredible. We jumped off of the boat multiple times, once to swim in natural hot springs…did I mention that Santorini is above an under-water volcano? Whelp, it is. Thus, the hot springs. We also the option of jumping off the boat to swim in to a white sand beach. Obviously, I said yes, because um, it’s Greece. Duh. But guys, I swear I almost drowned and I’m a really strong swimmer. It was rough water. That said, this swim isn’t for novices…

Food and drinks (yes, more wine) were included. It was simply glorious.





NUMBER THREE: Donkey Ride From Amoudi Bay


For all of my adventuresome pals out there, this is a MUST! First you start by trekking down hundreds, maybe even thousands, of steps to the base of the Amoudi Bay. I hear you can drive, but where’s the fun in that? Beware though, the stairs are a bit slippery, so wear some shoes with traction. Then, once you’re at the base of stairs and at the bay, you should grab some lunch, enjoy some seafood and take in the scene. After lunch, you give a man (who I promise will be standing by somewhere close) about 5-bucks and hop onto a donkey that takes you back to the top of the island. And let me tell you, these donkeys don’t walk at a leisurely pace…oh no, they LEGIT RUN up the mountain. I was laughing so hard I could barely hold on. But I swear, it’s safe…sort of. I think. 



PS: Hotel Pool photos taken at the Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia, Santorini, Greece. The best hotel experience I’ve ever had. I almost cried when I left. Seriously.

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