Coachella 2012 Style Must-Haves

I should probably admit that, no, I’m not actually at Coachella, but that definitely does not mean I don’t have some general thoughts on the event’s second most important feature; that of course being the complete and utter style explosion associated with the now-two-weekend-long concert festival in the California desert. Everyone looks so casual and relaxed, but DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU! People spend serious time prepping their Coachella looks. More than any other festival out there, I honestly believe people spend equal time picking out which artists/bands they’ll be checking out as they do choosing that perfect outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens is one of my style faves, especially since she basically looks like she’s ready for Coachella every day. 

So here are a few things I think I would have worn had I gone into the desert for a Coachella-filled weekend….

1. Moccasins, or actually anything bearing fringe for that matter.  And when I say anything, I mean anything – crop tops, vests, cross-body bags, dresses…you name it, if it has fringe, it’s a go.

2. An offensively floppy hat. If the hat looks like a cartoon character would be wearing it, then bingo! That’s your hat. Thankfully, these sorts of hats serve a duel purpose, in that not only are they stylish…they also protect from the INSANE desert temps in Palm Springs.

3. Mass amounts of jewelry. We’re talking multiple rings, layered necklaces, earrings. Basically the works.

4. In line with #2, keep it somewhat offensively large in the sunnies department. I know the whole wayfarer or even aviator thing works, but honestly, I just can’t stop with the sunglasses that cover my entire face. The bonus here is that you get to wear less make-up if you cover half of your face.

5. High-waisted denim shorts. This style used to make me gag a bit, but they’ve definitely grown on me. I like to think I’m channeling my own modern-day Kelly from Saved By the Bell, ya know?

6. Anything floral, ikat, ombre or Native American inspired when it comes to print. I just love a bit of a color explosion.

7. This is obvious, but sunscreen, water, wipes, and a small snack wouldn’t kill ya at Coachella. Honestly they might just save your life.

Oh and here’s the line-up for this year – ENJOY!


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