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Memorial Day weekend is here people!!! And with that in mind, bikini season isn’t around the corner. Oh no, bikini season is here, like, as in it’s happening RIGHT NOW!  Even if the thought of putting on a bikini and hitting the beach isn’t your primary motivation, today is always the best day to start taking your health seriously. And, contrary to popular belief, being healthy and active doesn’t have to be a chore (shocker, I know). I get it, you’re sick of hearing about how blissfully fun exercising can be, but I promise I’m not wrong in this specific instance. To illustrate this idea, I give you fitness expert and trainer on NBC’s hit TV show “Biggest Loser,” Brett Hoebel.

Brett Hoebel’s DVD 

One of girlfriends recently invited me to take one of Brett’s capoeira-based workout classes with her in LA, and I thought “this is going to be cake. I work out almost every day. I’m super active.” Ummmm, let’s just say I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was legitimately a huge, sweaty mess (it was semi-gross actually). Brett’s class was an all-new challenge , and one that I definitely welcomed. Even though I was getting my boot-ay kicked hard-core, I was still having a ton of fun! I like to describe it as dance meets martial arts meets cardio meets strength training. Essentially, it’s everything rolled into one. Plus, I always love the idea of doing martial arts. There’s something peaceful and empowering about it, and capoeira flows in a fluid way that, again, makes you feel like you’re almost dancing.

I’m not gonna lie; don’t get it twisted. This work out is killer, but I mean, hello, look at Brett. Let’s get serious. Could he be any cuter? More importantly, he’s equally as encouraging and skilled as an instructor…so, the question isn’t how are you going to get through the workout. The question is: why would wouldn’t you at the very least try? 

Again, Brett is known for incorporating Brazilian capoeira moves into his workouts, and have you seen the people from Brazil? That’s what I thought. Enough said. 

The amazing news is that Brett just released a new 4×4 abs workout that will “chisel your six-pack in 16 minutes.” 16 minutes! Who doesn’t have 16 minutes? So if all you do is talk about wanting to up your game, get healthy or feel like your best self, do what Brett says and “walk your talk.” The end.

Sweat-fest USA. Thank GOD for the BodyFactory smoothy or I might not have made it! 

For more 411 on Brett and his work out materials, visit his website HERE.

I have to give a HUGE thank you to Brett for letting me take his class. It was a total blast! And now I’m loving (and sometimes hating haha) his DVD!

Here’s a quick taste of what his workouts are like!

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