Hey NAPA: Take a HIKE!!!

Napa, California is basically a magical vortex, and I was happily sucked in yesterday whilst sneaking around the vineyards at the Meritage Hotel and Resort.

In the least shocking revelation of all time, I love being outside and I highly recommend heading to California’s wine country where you can take in gorgeous scenery whilst sipping wine. I call this a sip and stroll. Ask anyone…it’s one of my most beloved pastimes.

Also any activity that allows me to get away with wearing yoga clothes, is clearly something I’m going to be way in to. 

Final thoughts.

STAY: The Meritage Hotel & Resort (vineyards on the property)

EAT: Everything, duh. And more specifically the adorableness that is The Boon Fly Cafe, about 15 minutes away. 

PLAY: Wine tasting is the obvious must-do. That said you should up the anty with a hot air balloon ride. Then there’s also always the amazing options of hiking in the vineyards or grabbing a spa treatment in the hotel’s cave (yes, a real cave).
WEAR: Top by Spritual Gangster:::pants by Chill By Will

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