LA’s Hottest New Bar…Without Cocktails!

Just when I think I’ve seen it ALL – 5-star pet-hotels. restaurants where you dine in pitch darkness, and snake massages (yes that’s a real, legit thing), something NEW and FAB pops up to surprise me.

I just attended a great event hosted by the lovely and sweet Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis, Jamie Stone, at LA’s first-ever extension salon, appropriately named  Just Extensions.  As the name would suggest, this is a salon where one goes to, you guessed it, get extensions! Who would’ve known that are multiple options, prices, and types? For the record, EVERYONE in the entertainment world is rocking extensions these days. If you see someone with locks that are too good to be true, they probably are!!!  It’s fun to play with your hairstyle in a non-permanent way and Just Extensions is a great location to help you do just that. Plus, I should add, the prices are really great, too.
Just Extensions Salon
Jamie Stone, Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis
Red Carpet Roxy, Synde Summer & Jamie Stone
Gravity Defying Hair Extensions!
Dana Ward, Jennifer Chan & I. Love the Sexy Hair Gift Bags!
 Sexy Hair Products Are My FAVE!
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