Poncho Party Time – STYLE TRUCE



FEATURED ITEM: Hooded Knit Poncho by The Oxford Trunk – $45.00

The Who & What: Ali’s Look

The Where: An outdoor concert in the fall calls for a cozy yet fashionable outfit, right? And this poncho is the centerpiece around which my whole outfit was formed. It is perfect because it is warm (check out that hood!) and adorable, and you want to know the best part? It is super affordable–everything from The Oxford Trunk is under $50! Amaze-balls! My ripped jeans (thanks Denim Guy!) and red cowboy boots (THRIFTED!) round out this perfect concert outfit!

Jeans: 4-Stroke Jeans

Boots: Dan Post Kimmie


The Who & What: Joslyn’s Look

The Where: I love doing hot yoga on the weekends, but it’s gotten a little chilly to be sporting my yoga attire out and about without a sweater. This poncho kept me cozy going to and from class and it’s stylish enough to wear afterwards for a quick juice or coffee run…or in my case, a french fry run. PS: Can I just tell you how much I love the sneakers I wore with this look? Would you believe I nabbed these for like 15-bucks at Target? AMAZE-balls USA! They had white laces which I didn’t love, so I swapped them out for a black pair and voila, I think they look totally fab.

Shoes: Target

Capris: Lululemon

Yoga Mat: Target

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