Top 3 Earth Saving Tips – Earth Day 2013

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Regardless of whether or not you’re a super-savvy recycle-er or earth aware person, it’s a good idea to use today to remind ourselves that are easy and fun ways to lead better, more responsible lives. That said, here are my TOP 3 ways to live an earth-friendlier life:

1. BUY VINTAGE – from clothing to furniture to jewelry and everything in between, buying vintage is a great way to save the planet. Why? Well, buying things that already exist foster a less-wasteful way of consuming. So, you want to be fashionable and fabulous? Well, why not invest in pieces that have a story, are already available, and probably a great price. PS: a ton of my favorite clothes and items in my home are either family heirlooms or vintage buys from estate sales and places like Buffalo Exchange. Plus, you always feel like you’re on a treasure hunt, which you know I love!
A vintage find from my Grandma circa 1960’s.
Bold printed shift from an estate sale.
Close-up of the amazing print.
2. CARRY REUSABLE CUPS – this is beyond easy to do. By committing to at least trying to do this as much as possible, you will be making a HUGE dent in your footprint. I’m obsessed with my klean kanteen INSULATED bottle (click link to see on Amazon). It keeps hot things very hot and cold things very cold. No joke, steam will come if out if you put coffee in this thing and ice will not melt!
3. GO PAPERLESS – sick of all that junk mail and bills building up in your mailbox? Go paperless! You’ll save a ton of tress and cut down on the amount of times you have to take out your garbage (so annoying). Disclaimer: be careful about who you give you personal info to!
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