Why Vacationing in Greece Will Make You Healthier


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Before I go on a big trip where I know I won’t be trying to eat my normal healthy stuff, and where I won’t be making the active decision to work out in an organized fashion, I always feel like I need to get ready by working out a ton before I leave. It’s so dumb. And totally pointless. Especially when you’re travelling to Greece. What if I told you that vacationing in Greece would actually make you healthier? I’m not lying.

NUMBER ONE: The food

There’s a reason everyone swears by the Mediterranean diet. Everything is fresh, there’s lots of olive oil, tons of veggies, fresh seafood and somehow (even though it’s healthy) it STILL TASTES GOOD. Plus, red wine is good for your heart right? I choose to say yes. I mean, just look at this stuff. FYI – the watermelon was a daily afternoon delivery at the pool at the Andronis, served by the most adorable Greek lads of all time.










NUMBER TWO: Activity Trickery

Greece, and specifically the places I visited, is filled with some of the most ancient cities on the planet. That said, the walk ways can be ancient at times, as well. This means that sometimes getting around takes a bit more work, and occasionally, it can become a full-on cardio work-out.  I mean, do you think you just magically arrive on hidden beaches? Do you think you just miraculously arrive atop the Acropolis in Athens without any work? No, you have to hike, climb and straight-up get your fitness on! But the rewards are endless. Being in Greece means you’ll be tricked into working out all the time. Plus, there are a ton of organized activities, like sailing, 4-wheeling, swimming, and as you can see I love jumping (repeatedly) off of any platform into the water.











NUMBER THREE: Mental Health

Okay, this seems subjective, but I don’t think it is and honestly, the proof is in the pudding. How can you not be happy, and feel healthy, calm, relaxed, full of life, and all things wonderful, when you’re in a place that looks like this? My heart is happy just looking at these photos. Isn’t yours? Plus, guys, the puppies!!! The FEELS!!!








IMG_4344 IMG_4351



Long story short, go to Greece. You’ll thank yourself and you’ll come home feeling rested and strong.

FYI – I travelled to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.

For info on where I stayed and went in Mykonos, click HERE.

For info on where I stayed and went in Santorini, click HERE.


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