Floral & Denim FALL Days: Old Things NEW (1 Year No Shopping)

photo 4

 Once you stop laughing at the RIDICULOUS side-by-side photo above…which for the record features me last weekend on the left and in my elegant high school senior picture on the right. Can we please take a moment to 1.) appreciate my stellar platform flip-flops and 2.) my oh-so-casual-I-woke-up-like-this pose. I mean…what the heck? 

On the real, I loved pulling this dress out of the archives for many reasons. First off, it’s super comfy and florals were very in during the summer (FYI summer never ends in so-cal), and second, this dress is really special to me because my mom made it for me during my senior year of high school. *Cue the tears* I know I get borderline emosh about these things, but I think some clothes are worth keeping solely based on the memories associated with them.

At any rate, I love that a basic floral dress like this never goes out of style. I threw on some studded Converse (which I wear ALL the time), a timeless denim jacket and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in LA.

PS: In case you missed the memo and the reasoning behind me wearing clothes that are older than some of my cousins, it’s all a part of my 1 Year No Shopping challenge. For more info, click HERE.

Because I really want you to enjoy this photo solo-style…

photo 3



This is my “seriously, I’m smiling face.” So ridiculous BTW.









DRESS – Here’s a similar one

Denim Jacket – Almost exactly the same

Studded Converse – Click here 

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