OLD THINGS NEW – Not Buying Clothes For 1 Year!

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If you follow my sister and I on instagram or this blog you might already know that we’re currently about halfway through a full year of buying NO clothes, shoes, accessories, purses…pretty much anything fashion/style related. If you want to know why, click HERE.

Taking things a step further, people who know me really, really, really well also are well-aware of the fact that I have a problem or a habit (depending on how you chose to look at it) of pretty much keeping ALL of my clothes. And since I’ve basically been the same height and size since 7th grade…well, you could say that I have sort of a lot of stuff. Stuff that I never wear. Until NOW. Thanks to my year of not buying anything clothes, I’ve decided to make all of my old things new. It’s my theme: old things new. It works! The bonus is that fashion/style tends to be cyclical…meaning everything tends to come back into style at some point in time. IE: did you ever think you’d be sporting overalls again. Cuz…yeah, there’s that.

All of info leads me to my first OLD THINGS NEW posting featuring one of my favorite little white floral dresses. The whole floral thing was very in throughout spring/summer and I love throwing on a denim jacket and some studded Cons for a fun California fall look.

THEN: Can we please try to enjoy my bangs in the photo below. JV Cheer banquet glory with my parentals. 

photo 2

 THEN: I’m still friends with ALL of these girls. BABES!



photo 1
















NOW: I wore this look to church. Comfy, cute, and oddly…still in  style!




White Studded All Star Converse

Denim Shirt from H&M

Soft Floral Cami Dress from Forever 21

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