MY Weekend IN GILMORE GIRLS – Mill Valley, California MUST-DO List

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DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN INSTAGRAM? Do you like Gilmore Girls? Are you obsessed with small town cuteness? Have you ever wanted to spend the day bopping around in a picturesque town square? Do you like wearing beanies and sweaters and cute boots in weather that is actually climate appropriate? Am I asking too many questions? Welp, if your answers to any of those was yes, then Mill Valley, California is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. It is literally the cutest town EVER right outside of San Francisco, nestled in a redwood forest valley (duh) with the Pacific Ocean a skip, hop and a jump away. My whole fam made the Mill Valley jaunt post Christmas, and it was a perfect place to bring a ton of people who just want to chill out and basically do nothing (including VERY small children).

It was also the best place to sip and stroll…aka drink wine while walking about. I’m wild, I know. Also, I felt like I was literally in Stars Hollow. It was magical.

A few of my fave spots are below! Thank you to my babe Meghan Rienks for many of these recs. She’s my NorCal QUEEN!


Bungalow 44 – From 4-5pm they serve DOLLAR oysters, and they’re freaking amazing (not gross and what you’d expect for one dollar). The couple sitting next to me at FOUR DOZEN. This place has great apps and an incredible bar.

El Paseo – This has got to be the cutest most picturesque restaurant from Tyler French. It’s got dark brick vibes, and the food is amazing.

Playa – This place offers high-end Mexican food. It’s got everything… authentic food, good vibes, and a great location (find it by the town square).

Mill Valley Market – Offers the best small town snobbery ever – but in a great way. It’s got amazing food, and a top notch salad bar, also the cheese selection is to die for.

Equator Coffee – When you’re in between meals and you need a caffeine boost, you have to come here. Located in the town square it’s a must-do of the trip.


Muir Beach – definite YES.

Muir Woods – Very cool too, for a more nature-y vibe.

Sausalito – A super cute town that’s a quick drive away. Make sure to check out Le Garage for brunch if you can while you’re there.

Sip and Stroll – You can do this with coffee or wine. It’s at your own discretion and there’s no judgment. I personally love walking around and taking in the adorable sights with a cup full of ???


This is definitely a time to check out an AirBnB or some sort of home rental. I def recommend staying nearby the town square so you can walk to the local market and the local park. I also recommend having a car so that you can drive to Muir Woods, Muir Beach and maybe even scoot over to Sausalito for drinks or brunch – I recommend going to Le Garage!


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